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Anonymity + Invisibility = Your Security



Anonymous Password Manager

Remembering passwords has become a massive nightmare.

How can we safely save our passwords without using a notebook or sticky notes?

We could use an app, but this may or may not be safe.

What if our computer dies or our phone gets stolen? What if we can't remember a master password?

Luckily we have a brilliantly simple solution.

A simple, anonymous password manager that helps keep you and your passwords invisible.

Anonymity + Invisibility = Your Security

The Simple Solution

We encourage you to save your passwords in such a way that nobody, except you, will know your passwords.

With our method, you can create complicated passwords that are easy to remember.

These are two simple examples of how you would save your passwords:

Facebook Cousin's last name + Year of birth
Yahoo! Mail Price of car + City where I was born + First letter of my name

After registering, we will teach you how to make passwords that are difficult to crack yet easy to remember.

Imagine This

Without a username, a password means nothing to us or anyone else, except you.

This why we don't want to know any of your usernames.

A username is like a lock. A password is like the key.

Even if someone knew your password, but not your username, then which lock does it open?

For Security Reasons

green lock

You Are Invisible

When you join, we will ask you 10 simple questions.

When you login, we will randomly choose 5 of the 10 questions. We then match your answers to find your account.

We don't know your name, your email address of any of your usernames.

We don't know who you are or where you are from. You are invisible.

Why We Ask 10 Questions

The 10 questions are easy to remember. They help us identify your account only.

But there's another reason:

We realize using questions, instead of a username and password, is slightly inconvenient.

However, for us, your anonymity and invisibility is our primary concern.


Spyware, malware, hackers and even an ex have the possibility of stealing your information.

Therefore, we don't feel comfortable providing an app or program with all of our information. For us, it's just too risky.

When we don't know who you are plus you save your passwords using our suggested method, you help reduce your risk of being a fraud victim.


For additional security, we encrypt your saved password information.

But anything that can be encrypted, can also be decrypted.

This is why the best encryption is to ensure your data means nothing to anyone but you.

When you combine anonymity with your own uniquely encrypted passwords, then that's the best encryption.

Hash Function

Your privacy is important to us.

For additional privacy, we convert your answers to our 10 questions to a hash code.

A hash code looks something like this: 5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3

Your answers are immediately converted to a hash code preventing us from ever reading your answers.


We know that Asswordpa is an important service for people around the world. That's why this service is free to use.

Although free to use, if possible, please support us with a donation.


Save as many passwords as needed.

Delete your account whenever you want.

Accounts that are dormant for 2 years will be automatically deleted.

Asswordpa is Pig Latin for password.

Igpa Atlina

There are several forms of Pig Latin. We use Pig Latin in this format:

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